Hacktoberfest 2019: "Pull requests don't count towards your repo"

Well, it appears Hacktobefest has decided our repo doesn’t align with their core values. I understand this decision but we made a beautiful thing. 100s of tutorials all curated by over 100 people who have personally completed them and put them on the list.

According to the Hacktoberfest team, our PR’s have to be:

High Quality Contributions

But in my eyes I think someones first PR, fueled by the incentive to earn a shirt, actually following a guide and learning the core features of GitHub, adding HTML to a page, creating a pull request, is quality enough in my opinion.

But Hacktoberfest thinks otherwise.

I’m sorry to everyone who contributed, who now has to go off to correct a whitespace in a readme, we are better then that. Hacktoberfest doesn’t understand that new users don’t know how to maybe - code, or create a “High Quality Contribution”.

By removing these “Beginner Repos”, Hacktoberfest has simply caused an influx of new users, going off to other peoples repos and annoying them, by submiting spam PR’s.

Anyway, enough ranting from me:

Thanks everyone for the fun 2 years and the 200+ pullrequests I have had to merge.

Evan Walters

Regular guy talking about code.