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# Now has been updated to 2.0 - most of the info on this post is invalid. Expect a 2.0 review soon ;)

I moved all my sites over to a static based site a few years ago, starting with’s pages feature. It worked well, but no SSL made it require to function correctly in a real world scenario. When creating my project, I stumbled across The super cool integration that was even on par with’s own competitor blew my mind. It has worked perfectly for the last two weeks and I don’t see myself stopping using it any time soon.


  • Super good integration.
  • Fast deploy times
  • Servers around the world
  • Generous free teir
  • Instant free HTTPS
  • Served over HTTP2


  • now.json system isn’t amazing
  • Domains can sometimes be a pain to setup


The now alias system is great! This allows you to point a domain to a deployment. It also works perfect hand in hand with All you need to do is create a now.json file in the root of your repository which looks something like this:

 "alias": [""]

This will automatically update the website every time a PR is merged.

Pull Requests works great with pull requests. Every time someone creates a pull request it is automatically deployed and you can preview it right from the pull request. This allows you to see what changes the Contributor has proposed.

This came in handy with the project becuase we had about 10 pull requests coming in every hour!

Conclusion is great for static sites and I am sure to reccomend it to my freinds and colleuges. This will be a great replacement for a CircleCI + AWS S3 pipeline. Visit to try out

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